Music for TV/Film

We can provide most any style of music- all written and produced in house.

Make your next project sound great!

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Online Classes

From the basics of how to use an instrument (guitar, bass, drums, voice, etc) through advanced, modern day arranging, we can help you achieve your musical goals!

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Local Music Classes

Live in Genesee County?

Come join us LIVE!

We  offer specialized classes several times a year:

  1. music theory
  2. recording and arranging
  3. playing in a band,and
  4. songwriting.
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The Best Modern Music Experience Out There?

There's LOTS of musicians out there.

And there's lots of ways to learn to create music.

Our specialty is getting you to your goal FAST, with proprietary teaching techniques developed in house over 25,000 lessons and more than 1500  students.

You've never seen anyplace like this!

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Next Steps...

For Licensing info- please contact us by phone or through this website.

For online classes- Please see our online course list.

For local classes- please see our current schedule, and know that spots fill fast!