Our Services:

At RKSTRS Media, we take pride in offering a diverse array of services to cater to the dynamic needs of our clients:


Our mixing services are designed to breathe life into your tracks, balancing every element to perfection, and creating an immersive sonic landscape that captivates the listener.


Your music deserves to stand shoulder to shoulder with industry giants. Our mastering experts meticulously fine-tune your songs, adding the final touch of magic that elevates them to a professional standard.


Whether it's a violin or cello, a quartet, or a full orchestra, we can custom write strings, horns, or choir arrangements for your project, and provide a balanced audio recording.

Arrangement Writing:

For the eclectic pop music artists looking to enhance their compositions, our team of skilled arrangers is at your service. From fleshing out musical ideas to exploring new directions, we can help you shape your songs into unforgettable experiences.

Vocal Tuning:

Elevate your vocal performances to perfection with our professional vocal tuning services. We'll ensure every note is pitch-perfect, giving your recordings that polished, studio-quality sound.

Time Alignment:

Tighten up your tracks and create a seamless rhythm with our precise time alignment services. Your music will groove effortlessly, enhancing the overall quality and cohesiveness of your recordings.

Studio Musicians:

We have a roster of highly trained LIVE musicians who are available to play on your track- Drums, piano, bass, guitar, singers, ukulele, trumpet, and more!

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