Learn to Play Lead Guitar in 30 Minutes


How I Learned to Play Lead Guitar Solos Following a Simple Method… and it Only Took 30 Minutes to Learn!!

If You’re Tired of Practicing But Not Getting Any Better, THIS is What to do About it!


Everything is broken down in to easy to follow steps that even the newest guitar player can follow


Lessons are accessible from any desktop or mobile device, so you can study on the go!


Study at your own pace and on your own schedule as your course access never expires

Learn Lead Guitar in 30 Minutes is My Secret Method That I’ve Used to Teach Thousands of Students How To Play Better – Immediately!

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Let’s Face it: Learning Guitar can Be Hard!

So Why not Make it Easy On Yourself By

Following a PROVEN Method?

  • Taught by a professional instructor who’s worked with thousands of students
  • Easy to follow, concise directions that you can apply TODAY!
  • Everything is laid out in a simple, organized way
FINALLY! Get the help you need, at a price you can afford.

Get Better Guitar Advice

A HUGE part of why some guitar players get better quickly while others struggle comes down to this: WHO are you taking advice from, and is that advice helping? Anybody can SAY they can help you with guitar, this course has the thousands of students to back up the claim!

Work Smarter (Not Harder) on Your Guitar Playing

This short, easy to follow guitar course took YEARS to narrow down information for – I had to work really hard to make it this simple!! This is the most direct path anyone can provide for beginning lead guitar. (There’s advice in here that even advanced players can use though!)

Learn Lead Guitar in 30 Minutes

I’ve designed this guitar course to be easy to follow, watch, and apply. You can literally go through in an evening! (But can learn even more by rewatching – I’ve only focused on what I refer to as “universal techniques” for guitar- ones that are applicable no matter what level you’re at.)

Works With ANY Style of Guitar Playing

Whether electric or acoustic guitar, and whether you play rock , folk, funk, punk, or anything else, this guitar course will work for YOU, Because it’s about “universal techniques” that apply to any style of music.

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About Mike…

Mike Arthur has been a full time private guitar lessons teacher and shop owner for more than 15 years,and has taught more than 25,000 thirty minute lessons!

After hiring and training dozens of teachers, running hundreds of group sessions, and working with students on playing in band settings and writing music, he’s now turning his efforts to online courses, so all of the knowledge gained through these experiences can be shared with the world!

“I take big things and make them small and accessible” is his motto, and that concept becomes immediately apparent when going through any of his numerous courses on playing, writing, and recording music.

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Learn Lead Guitar in 30 Minutes – Click Below

Remember – Problems playing the guitar don’t solve themselves.

And you can’t learn what I teach for less than what I charge – You’ll end up paying So much more in lost practice hours and frustration!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have experience teaching? How do I know I can trust You?

I’ve taught more than 25,000 face to face lessons over the last 15 years. Everything I teach has been thoroughly tested with all types of abilities and learning styles. I try to only give methods that are easy to remember, easy to use, and that can help immediately!

What will I learn?

You’ll learn how to use simple scales on guitar, creative ways to use them, and how to train yourself to get those creative ideas out. I also discuss what to do to make your note choices sound good on guitar, and have even included a bonus lesson on more advanced playing for free!!

How long will it really take to learn lead guitar?

You can learn what I teach in this course in a day! Lead guitar is a lifetime of study, and no two people will play the same.

So while this course won’t make you an expert guitar player (because no course can – you have to put the time in on the instrument!), what I cover in this lead guitar course will be something you will use every day during your lead guitar journey – and you can apply it starting today!

I’m not sure I’m the right age for this – also, doesn’t it depend on my style?

Listen – if you’re interested in learning lead guitar, THIS COURSE IS FOR YOU!!! I do my best to keep the directions very accessible.

It WILL take some effort – I only use the easiest scales to learn in this course, but YOU have to practice it! That means there could be some discomfort while learning. You have to push yourself (just a little – I really think everything I discuss is learnable by 99% of guitar players, if they put in the effort. )



We want to give you full piece of mind with a full 30 day risk free money back guarantee. Try it out fully for 30 days – if you don’t think that it was the most helpful advice you’ve gotten on starting lead guitar, I’ll give you a full refund.


Access your course at any time as it can be viewed on any device and on any modern web browser


Study at your own pace and on your own schedule as your course access never expires



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